So, it comes to bear in all our lives that we must turn to what we really know and love. Actually the idea to revive the Spending Cents website came to me when watching something from Ted TV, called "How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes". It's pretty interesting and I will link you up with that video later (in fact I will probably link to a bunch of those Ted Talk videos, they are amazing) but for now I will tell you the premise of the talk. It said to know your life purpose you had to know what you could teach. I thought about it for awhile, and went over my tech business to see if that was what I could truly teach and change someone's life and the answer was a resounding NO.. that' s not it. However it came to me that all my life I had been doing things to save money and I had taught many to do that, AND it had changed their lives profoundly. That is why the site goes back up today.

A few years ago we did a Spending Cents video that featured crazy me do my couponing and rebates. I was a really heavy hitter back then. I was raising a house full of kids and I didn't want cheap stuff, I wanted expensive stuff for cheap. We never released that video because I felt two way about it: 1. I thought I couldn't get enough information in the 30 minutes and 2: If I released a video like that, everyone would start doing it and stores would stop offering certain deals and double coupons. Number 2 on the list came true some years down the road after one of the cable networks started running specials on extreme couponing. I was upset that many would lose out on this special help for the poorer of us, but I got away mostly unscathed because I had my kids grown by then.

Today I start the site back up though. The name has been around since 2002 and I need to use it. Some of it might be an adventure when I look at what others are doing these days vs my still very cheapskate way of doing things. It won't be a lot about coupons anymore (although there are still some good ones) but rather many facets of my everyday life that I hope you find useful in reducing costs in your household.

Here is that link to the Ted Talks video. I hope you find it as inspiring as I did!

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