Product Review: Mr Clean Magic Eraser

Mr Clean Magic erasers have been around awhile, EVERYONE knows that. I don't know how many reviews have been done on this product because I never looked before. I like to do some reviews because there are little things that don't get covered. You might say I did that with this review.

Pros: Cleans a lot of things with ease, really does work to remove stains from articles that were previously thought to be destroyed. Uses water only

Cons: Sponge disappears over time, can't use on some surfaces.

Affordable Pick:

LA'S Totally Awesome Cleaner

OH BOY am I excited to tell you about this product. I love love LOVE it. Did I mention I love it? This is a great cleaner, please read the Pros and Cons, and have a look at the video review.

  • It seems to clean everything it touches.
  • It is very affordable


Product Review: Totino's Pizza Sticks

Totino's Pizza Sticks

What can I say? Totino's has always been a great little pizza roll and now they are doing sticks! I gotta say, since I ate 2 of the sticks to get my review video right I am pretty stuffed.

Feel free to skip the video if you like. I don't have an online source for these yet but I bought the box I have at Walmart.
Points of Interest:

  • Easy to fix
  • Tastes like a Pizza Roll
  • Affordable


Product Review: Palmolive Oxy

Palmolive Oxy Review

Palmolive had been a lean-to for me with the budget was tight. You can see by the latest purchase of Palmolive that it has only gotten better!

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