5 Simple Ways to Save Money on Soda

  1. Stop buying one soda at a time. This will always cost more. Buy at least 2 because most places that we grab a drink has a "2 fer" option. Try to graduate to cases. The trick is, don't drink more.
  2. If you drink diet, give yourself a break and have something else that might satisfy your sweet tooth. Change out one soda for something sweet (be it natural juice or something else). You might find that you are drinking your soda up fast because your body is craving real sugar.
  3. Try 2 liter bottles and a refillable option. 2 Liters are cheap compared to singles.
  4. Like cans? Stop it! Unless you are the only drinker in the house and you always finish them cans usually cause waste.
  5. Use a glass at home, even if it's a single. If we sip a soda we are constantly opening and closing the lid. It stands to reason it might just go flat. Pour you a glass and put the rest back in the fridge.

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