5 Staples at the Dollar Tree #4 is HOT!

  1. Healthy Chef Spray Olive Oil: Who can't use a nice cooking spray on hand at all times? This one is olive oil and I use it with all my baking. It's nice to pick a can up for just a buck.
  2. Name Brand Sauces: Frequently a dollar type store buys overruns from store stock and you can find not only a name brand item in the sauces, but also one that is brand new to your area. Such fun to get yours first and for a dollar!
  3. Vinegar: I tend to buy a lot of different vinegar a the Dollar Tree. I say go out on a limb and try a new one each time. It's nice to have a full compliment of interesting cooking items.
  4. Matches: Most of the time I don't need matches, but they are very nice for lighting candles. It is especially nice to have them in the emergency kit.
  5. Storage Bags: My Dollar Tree even has Hefty, but I lean to what I think is the best of the money. The SureFresh kind seem to be fine and I go through a million!

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