4 Practical Tips for Buying Meat

I spend a lot of time groaning and griping in the meat department of the grocery store. It isn't because of the cuts of meat, it's the prices that keep me down. Even though my children have long since grown up and I don't feed them anymore (except for the grandchildren that visit) I still think very much like I did when they were in the household. I never believe that paying more for the same cut of meat makes it taste better nor do I believe you are always getting the best deal when you buy the cheap meat. So where does that leave us?

Product Review: Mr Clean Magic Eraser

Mr Clean Magic erasers have been around awhile, EVERYONE knows that. I don't know how many reviews have been done on this product because I never looked before. I like to do some reviews because there are little things that don't get covered. You might say I did that with this review.

Pros: Cleans a lot of things with ease, really does work to remove stains from articles that were previously thought to be destroyed. Uses water only

Cons: Sponge disappears over time, can't use on some surfaces.

Affordable Pick:

5 Staples at the Dollar Tree #4 is HOT!

The Dollar Tree is another one of my "Favorite Stores". I need to remember to write about them. I CANNOT do a shopping day, or simply be in that part of town without stopping in. Perhaps you don't have a Dollar Tree in your area. If not, I really hope you have a store like them. If not, apply this list to your favorite discount store.

5 Simple Ways to Save Money on Soda

We all have our habits and some of them cost us a lot more than we think. Here are 5 things we can do right away and stop the bleeding :-)

Dollar General Store

When I was a kid the Dollar General was my store. I grew up a few blocks from the store and back then all we knew it as "the dollar store". I still use that name as do most my relatives. It was different for me when I moved up north (I am from Kentucky, home of the Dollar General) because they were just putting these stores in so when I would say "the dollar store" folks would say "which one?" . Since my humble beginnings there have been so many places that are dollar stores. I have seen Dollar Tree (one of my favorites) and the 99 cents store to name a couple.

Product Review: Totino's Pizza Sticks

Totino's Pizza Sticks

What can I say? Totino's has always been a great little pizza roll and now they are doing sticks! I gotta say, since I ate 2 of the sticks to get my review video right I am pretty stuffed.

Feel free to skip the video if you like. I don't have an online source for these yet but I bought the box I have at Walmart.
Points of Interest:

  • Easy to fix
  • Tastes like a Pizza Roll
  • Affordable


Product Review: Palmolive Oxy

Palmolive Oxy Review

Palmolive had been a lean-to for me with the budget was tight. You can see by the latest purchase of Palmolive that it has only gotten better!

Free Bulk Shipping

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